Sleep Apnea Testing Calgary

Sleep Apnea Testing Calgary

Sleep is essential to humanity, and getting adequate rest can not be overemphasized. However, it is not so much to get sleep than rest. There are various sleep disorders, and sleep apnea is one of the common sleep disorders.

Sleep apnea is a severe sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. Sleep apnea can cause loud snoring and fatigue despite a whole night's sleep. The most common cause of sleep apnea is obesity and excess weight, and it is more prominent in men than in women.

Common sleep apnea symptoms include excessive daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, shortage of breath during sleep, abrupt awakenings that come with choking, morning headache and difficulty concentrating during the day.

Sleep Apnea Testing

It can be challenging to identify sleep apnea on your own because the most common symptoms happen when you’re asleep. The best way to detect sleep apnea on your own is to ask someone to observe your sleep habits, or you can record yourself sleeping to assess whether irregularities occur in your sleep pattern. You might know whether you have sleep apnea if you observe sudden gasps or chokes in your sleep.

At Midtown Dental, we perform test screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Our dentists are efficient and are experts at screening for the condition. For the best results, we work with sleep physicians to monitor the process, diagnose and work on treatment.

Sleep apnea may cause wear on teeth for adults and might relatively wreck the facial structure in children if left untreated. At Midtown Dental, we collaborate with sleep physicians to diagnose and proceed to treatment.

However, the Zephyr machine we use at Midtown Dental is the only one of its kind that tests a patient by moving their jaws with a test appliance to confirm whether they respond to the treatment and also gives our clinicians the exact position to set their jaw so that we can know with very high confidence that this positioning of the device will treat their OSA.

Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

When a patient has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, they might have to undergo further sleep observation before treatment.

There are two major treatment options for Sleep Apnea.

The first one involves using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP machine. It helps to keep the airways open by sending a steady amount of oxygen into the mouth and nostrils during sleep. The clinic places a CPAP in a medical sleep clinic because it is not portable.

The second treatment option is the Mandibular Repositioning or Advancement Appliance, which is unique because of its ability to adjust the lower jaw to keep the airways open when sleeping. 

At Midtown Dental, we use the Zephyr machine tester to determine an individual's response before undergoing a more expensive process. The Zephyr confirms a person's response to treatment. If you're unable to get a good night's sleep and rest, come to Midtown Dental and get your test screening today. We have an accredited sleep physician who can confidently prescribe treatment for you. You can schedule an appointment today. We provide the best sleep apnea testing in Calgary.

Sleep Apnea Testing Calgary
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Sleep Apnea Testing Calgary
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Sleep Apnea Testing Calgary Sleep Apnea Testing Calgary

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