Dr. Vikas Khanna

Born and raised in Calgary, Dr. Vikas Khanna’s love of working with people has seen him through an extensive education. Dr. Khanna graduated with a Bachelor’s in medical science from the University of Calgary before going on to earn a Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Alberta.


Dr. Vik has also trained extensively at the Montefiore Medical Center’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, giving him detailed knowledge of IV sedation, surgical care, and dental grafting.

Patient Care

Dr. Khanna values getting to know his patients on an ongoing basis. In addition to 9th Avenue Dental, he is also co-owner of Midtown Dental located in Mission, where patients have been coming to the same location for decades. Dr. Khanna is proud that he can provide care to many generations of the same family. 9th Avenue Dental is currently accepting new patients, and he looks forward to building more of the same long-term relationships that have characterized his practice so far.

Dr. Khanna makes preventative care and patient education a priority, giving his patients the information they need to keep themselves in peak oral health.

Personal Life

When not in the office, Dr. Khanna enjoys his fitness routine, and he often sees patients of his at the gym. He also enjoys going for hikes in the mountains, and is married. He is grateful that his practice will afford him a balance between work and family.